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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Design students partner with The Boys & Girls Club

Last semester, students in Design Methodologies did some amazing work with THE PLAYERS Championship Boys & Girls Club of St. Augustine. They created promotional material for two different fundraising events to benefit The Club here in St. Augustine—a Rock & Rock Bash and a Golf Classic. During a meeting with The Club’s community liaison, Jennifer Tesori, students learned about the organization’s needs, and then designed an event logo, poster, postcard, and digital banner ad. 
Design students that worked on the Golf Classic - (from left to right) Kayla Immel, Beth Kirk, Shelby O'Connor, Breanna Berry, Whitney Little, Katie Provenza, Allison Walsh
Design students that worked on the Rock & Roll Bash - (from left to right) Yaqi Huang, Katie Evans, Mallory, Bielecki, Keith Lowe, Chris Desrosiers, James Mattson
The class went on a field trip to The Club and gave final presentations there. After thoroughly reviewing each campaign, the ‘client’ chose to use Allison Walsh’s design for the Golf Classic and James Mattson’s design for the Rock & Roll Bash.
Mattson is a graphic design major from Concord, MA.
“This service-learning project is just one example of how design can be used to ‘do good’ in the community,” said Natalie Stephenson. “We were able to partner talented design students with a great organization that had a true need for creative services. Students gained valuable experience communicating with our client and developing empathy with stakeholders—stuff that’s hard to simulate in the classroom.” 
Walsh is a graphic design major from Kennesaw, GA.

In addition to the designs shown above, several other campaigns were highly regarded by our client. For example, Keith Lowe's vintage concept for the Rock & Roll bash was solid, and Katie Provenza was a strong contender for the Golf Classic.
Keith Lowe - Designer
Katie Provenza - Designer

The Director of Development for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida attended the final presentations. She was thoroughly impressed with the students’ work and wanted to continue the partnership. This semester, students in Design Methodologies will be designing promotional material for four regional fundraising events.

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