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Monday, December 16, 2013

Flagler Art faculty and recent grads at the Cummer Museum of Art in Jacksonville

If you are in the Jacksonville area on Tuesday, December 17, be sure to attend the opening of OUR SHARED PAST, featuring the work of Professors Patrick Moser, Sara Pedigo, and Leslie Robison.  Flagler BFA alums Brianna Angelakis, Becca Hoadley, and Denise Liberi are also featured in the showing which includes the work of 34 regional artists- way to go Flagler!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Student work featured on the cover of FLARE

Congratulations to BFA student Amelia Eldridge! Her drawing is featured on the cover of the Fall 2013 issue of FLARE: The Flagler Review!!! Tomorrow she will be recognized at an event unveiling the issue(more info below).

Here's the cover!

FLARE: The Flagler Review, the literary magazine of Flagler College, will
mark the publication of its Fall 2013 issue with an unveiling and reading at the
Crisp-Ellert Art Museum on Thursday, Dec. 5, at 6 p.m.
This is the 24th volume of the publication, which seeks to publish both up-and-coming and
established writers. FLARE includes poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art. The
literary journal is published by students at Flagler College, and is printed in
the fall and published as an online edition in the spring.
The Crisp-Ellert is located at 48 Sevilla St. The event is free and open to the public.
For more on FLARE, visit

Here's a peek at other work within the issue:

and be sure to check out the other featured Flagler Artists by clicking here!:

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Video Short!

The Flagler College Art Department wishes you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! Travel safe and enjoy your families!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We Are Charette

Emily and Jeff Charette will be speaking to students on Tuesday November 5th @ 7:30pm in the Virginia Room. They are are the owners of We Are Charette, a multidisciplinary design firm based in St. Augustine. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and network, as they offer internships to students.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Figure Drawing Homework Display

For Professor Sara Pedigo's Figure Drawing class, their last homework assignment was directed at seeing and spending time on a single drawing. The final outcome of the drawing had no weight on the grade received,  instead time spent looking and drawing made up the grade. 
Pedigo set up this assignment to challenge the student to approach "risk-taking" and "experimenting" with materials, and working up past a usual designation of "completeness", asking students to erase their progress and rework the original drawing.

Check out all their hard work!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New York- Spring 2014

If you're interested in the Spring Break 2014 study abroad trip to New York City, please come to the informational meeting Wednesday October 16th @ 5:00pm in S-2.

Any questions? Email:
Sara Pedigo-
Chris Balaschak-
Leslie Robison-

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Macon/Mongiovi: A Voyage

Anyone going to be in Macon this week?  If so, you can catch Professor Laura Mongiovi's artist talk in front of her work at Mercer University's Plunkett Gallery.

The solo show includes Mongiovi's most recent work which delicately deals with mapping and space.  In her own words:
 I see maps and charts as precious objects – a portable source of information needed to find the way. Items obtained on the journey are collected, documented and displayed. I feel some sort of comfort in the fact that we are constantly documenting, keeping track of what we do. The past is recorded and there is a continuous cycle of discovering it.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

CEAM: Call for Chess Boards for an upcoming exhibition!

Lee Walton is looking for chess boards for our upcoming exhibition, "Lee Walton Plays the World (On His Phone): A Chess Performance In 40 Parts."  We need 40 chess boards total, and are looking for 35 more!  If you are interested in lending one from October 28 to November 30, please email the artist at or Julie Dickover at  Thank you!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Please join us at CEAM for Art Walk this Friday from 5 to 9pm!

We have special musical guests Rick Saunders and Laurel Lee Welch playing from 7 to 8pm.
Liz Rodda's exhibition, "Clockwise," will continue through October 18! 

It Wasn’t Supposed To Be This Way
Canvas, plastic, nyquil
36.25 x 32.25 x .25 in

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Drawing I: Exploring techniques from the Middle Ages

Professor Don Martin had the opportunity to visit the Catholic Monastery on the St. John's University campus where he helped supervise the recreation of the St. John's Bible using traditional techniques from the Middle Ages. 

Martin brought what he learned back to Flagler and his Drawing I class got a chance to experiment with these traditional techniques using hand-carved quills made out of turkey feathers. He explained the process the feathers undergo in preparation to be made into quills and demonstrated the different nibs styles used to produce various lines.

The St. John's Bible will conveniently be on display in the Proctor Library for the next couple of months so that students have the opportunity to see professional calligraphic work rendered through the same traditional techniques they learned in class.
Martin explaining the anatomy of a carved quill
Aftermath from the demonstration on various nibs and their unique marks
and here are some students at work!


Monday, September 30, 2013

Professor Sara Pedigo at Plum Gallery!


American Visual Culture: Study Abroad Opportunity in Washington D.C.

Spend 4 weeks studying art, architecture and film at the Smithsonian Museums and other area institutions! 

May 18- June 14, 2014

In case you missed the informational meeting on Thursday, Professor Balaschak and Professor Mongiovi will be at the Study Abroad Fair on Oct. 4th. The Fair will be located in the Virginia Room from 11:00am- 2:00pm or, you can contact them via email for more information:,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Liz Rodda visits Video Art Class

Artist Liz Rodda, currently exhibiting at the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum, visited Patrick Moser's Video Art class. Here is what a couple of students from the class thought about the visit:

" Liz Rodda visited our Video Arts class a couple weeks ago and discussed some of the work she has made using video and also discussed some of her favorite video artists and people she is inspired by. Liz creates a lot of videos which are appropriations of videos she finds from YouTube which I thought was interesting. She locates videos she finds interesting and pieces them together to create a new meaning or places them in unusual context. One artist she showed us was the late George Kuchar, who she had the chance to work with a few years back. He was an eccentric man who created wonderfully strange "B Movies." I have only recently gotten into the video art genre and it was great to hear from someone who shows her work in galleries internationally." -Alexander McNutt

"The artists she showed us were inspiring; George Kuchar especially. The videos made me calmer about what was expected of me for the class and it also excited me about future projects." -Lindsay Wheat

Tonight! AIGA Workshop

Learn more about Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator!
7pm- room L-333

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flagler Art Dominates the Highway!

One third of the artists chosen to grace Jacksonville billboards this year are from Flagler!  Way to go St. Augustine!  Way to go Flagler!  WAY TO GO DEPARTMENT OF ART AND DESIGN!  Congratulations are in order for student BRIANNA ANGELAKIS and Professor SARA PEDIGO who were both chosen to put their work up on billboards and to show at Florida Mining Gallery in August.  Another big congratulations to woodshop guru RUSSELL MAYCUMBER who shares these honors and is also distinguished as the Director's Choice!
An opening reception for these artists is to be held this friday, August 2, at Florida Mining Gallery.  See you there!

Monday, July 8, 2013

BFA Angelakis IlluXCon Scholar!

Flagler College alumni and Fall 2013 BFA Candidate, Brianna Angelakis, has been selected as one of three winners for the IlluXCon Scholarship for 2013 which are scholarships awarded to the very best students in the field. The scholarships are open to any student attending an accredited institution to study art; this includes ateliers. Judges included Sarah Robinson, Art Director at Paizo Publishing; Joe Shoopack, Art Director at Sony Online Entertainment; E.M. Gist, Artist and Instructor at the Watts Atelier; Don Maitz, Artist; and Alison Eldred, UK Agent representing the top British science fiction and fantasy artists.
Brianna will receive a full-paid scholarship which includes airfare/travel, hotel, and food in order to attend IlluXCon 6, held in Allentown, PA from September 11 - 15.
According to the website, IlluXCon is a multi-part experience. It’s an exhibition, where over 1,000 traditional media works are on display; it’s a gallery opening, where all exhibiting artists are present and their displayed work is available for you to purchase; it’s an international symposium, where ideas and experiences are shared across a wide range of technical approaches, artistic backgrounds, and continents; and it’s a place where students and artists at all levels can make the personal, professional, and creative connections necessary to find their own artistic path.
A hearty congratulations goes out to Brianna from the whole department!
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Off the Rails!

Instructor Loren Myhre finds time to do more than teach and make art; he's now a designer, too!  Check out his new design project, a furniture company- Trestle Design!
Like Trestle Design Co. on facebook:

Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer in Prison

This summer, Professor Leslie Robison and graduating senior Sean-michael Cusick spent every wednesday and friday at the St. Johns Juvenile Correctional Facility, working with the young detainees on conceiving of, designing and executing a mural for the facility's multi-purpose room.

"When we first started the project, I asked the young men incarcerated there (at the Juvenile Corrections Center) to think about the public nature of murals, using Diego Rivera and WPA murals as models for how artists can share thoughts and instruct viewers.  They decided that it would be a good idea to leave a message behind for other young men," Robison said of the project.  "Of course, we had to think about how to deliver the message- they kept coming up with ideas about choices and the paths one could take through life.  Sean and I decided on going, literally, with divergent paths but leaving the message otherwise ambiguous:  one path is a little darker, the other lighter, but the sign says 'this path' and 'that path', it's not supposed to be preachy."

"Sean was a huge contributor to the success of the project. Not only did he design the final image, but he also helped our new 'students' learn to hold the brush, and choose and mix colors.  He also assigned them areas to work on every day.  This was an enjoyable experience," Robison said.

PEDIGO GOES SOLO: moments in bloom

New Work by Professor Sara Pedigo showing in Annapolis:

In Bed in Massachusetts

Professor Laura Mongiovi's work was featured in down to sleep, a thematic show hosted at the Chester F. Sidell Gallery at the Essex Art Center in Lawrence, MA in March and April.  We recently received the catalogue from this thoughtful showing of work curated by artist Joetta Maue.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flagler Illustration

The students this semester did some top notch work for my class, Illustration 325. 
Here’s 2 fine examples of the work from an assignment for Editorial/Story illustration.
I choose the Aesop’s Fables as the story content because they are 2000 years old and still relevant and in the public domain so we won’t have any copyright issues should the work be published later.
Stuff like this never gets old in my opinion and the students gave it a nice fresh coat of paint. 
Brett Waller, Adjunct Professor of Art

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Design students complete service-learning project with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida

Summer Camp Designers (from left to right) - Pat Fallon,
Marina Harvey, Sara Pulsifer, Casmine Brown and Leah Frye

During the spring semester, students in two sections of Design Methodologies had the opportunity to create promotional material for four different fundraising events to benefit The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida (BGCNF).

Flagler students judging artwork
by BGC members
While visiting the local club in St. Augustine, students learned about the organization’s mission and curriculum. They also were invited to judge various types of artwork created by members ages 6 to 18 for the regional fine arts competition. This field trip helped students gain a better understanding of the impact that the BGC programs have on their members.

Fundraising is a vital part of the success and reach of The Boys & Girls Clubs as 95% of their budget comes from private and corporate donors. After discussing fundraising goals and design needs with the Director of Development, Darby Stubberfield, each student was assigned to an event. They conducted design research and developed concepts for an event logo, promotional poster, save-the-date postcard, and digital banner ad. 

Students presented final logos and campaigns to the development staff, including Ms. Stubberfield, Patricia Thornton and Katherine Lovatt. They were "extremely pleased" with the presentations and had a hard time narrowing it down. After much deliberation, BGCNF chose designs by Leah Frye, Emily Holland, Alana Littman, and Cesar Sanchez-Cariello.

Ms. Frye, a sophomore, graphic design major from Jacksonville, Fl., created material to encourage people to support the BGCNF Summer Camp. Marina Harvey, Pat Fallon, Sara Pulsifer and Casmine Brown also presented strong campaigns for this event.

Ms. Holland, a sophomore, graphic design major from Stuart, Fl., created material for an Evening in Wine Country. Other students working on this event included Mitch Oliveira, Emma Behringer, Taylor Friedhof, Michelle Linteris and Kiara Sanchez. 

Ms. Littman, a sophomore, graphic design major from New Smyrna Beach, Fl., created material to promote the Steak & Steak Dinner & Auction, one of BGCNF's largest fundraising events. Kailey Deason, Sam Christiansen, Alex Guth, Cami McCall, Marlena Lomonaco and Stephanie Sorensen also produced design options for this event.

Mr. Sanchez-Cariello, a sophomore, graphic design major from Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl., created material that will be used to promote the BGCNF Holiday Toy Drive. Seven other designers worked on this event, including Bernadette Januska, Chelsea Cutlip, Kristin Duke, Caitlin Ogburn,  Kristi Nelson, Lisa Pascucci and Marissa Donnelly.

The instructor, Natalie Stephenson, said, “I’m so thankful for the opportunity that The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida gave our students. I truly believe that the students and our community partner had a mutually beneficial experience.”

Students presenting logo concepts during the field trip. From left to right -
Kristi Nelson, Marissa Donnelly, Caitlin, Ogburn, Lisa Pascucci, Kristin Duke,
Chelsea Cutlip, Bernadette Januska, Cesar Sanchez-Cariello.
After final presentations, one student commented, “This was my favorite project of the year!  We were working in the ‘real’ world with a client who provided specific requirements we had to meet.  I loved the experience!”