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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Design students complete service-learning project with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida

Summer Camp Designers (from left to right) - Pat Fallon,
Marina Harvey, Sara Pulsifer, Casmine Brown and Leah Frye

During the spring semester, students in two sections of Design Methodologies had the opportunity to create promotional material for four different fundraising events to benefit The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida (BGCNF).

Flagler students judging artwork
by BGC members
While visiting the local club in St. Augustine, students learned about the organization’s mission and curriculum. They also were invited to judge various types of artwork created by members ages 6 to 18 for the regional fine arts competition. This field trip helped students gain a better understanding of the impact that the BGC programs have on their members.

Fundraising is a vital part of the success and reach of The Boys & Girls Clubs as 95% of their budget comes from private and corporate donors. After discussing fundraising goals and design needs with the Director of Development, Darby Stubberfield, each student was assigned to an event. They conducted design research and developed concepts for an event logo, promotional poster, save-the-date postcard, and digital banner ad. 

Students presented final logos and campaigns to the development staff, including Ms. Stubberfield, Patricia Thornton and Katherine Lovatt. They were "extremely pleased" with the presentations and had a hard time narrowing it down. After much deliberation, BGCNF chose designs by Leah Frye, Emily Holland, Alana Littman, and Cesar Sanchez-Cariello.

Ms. Frye, a sophomore, graphic design major from Jacksonville, Fl., created material to encourage people to support the BGCNF Summer Camp. Marina Harvey, Pat Fallon, Sara Pulsifer and Casmine Brown also presented strong campaigns for this event.

Ms. Holland, a sophomore, graphic design major from Stuart, Fl., created material for an Evening in Wine Country. Other students working on this event included Mitch Oliveira, Emma Behringer, Taylor Friedhof, Michelle Linteris and Kiara Sanchez. 

Ms. Littman, a sophomore, graphic design major from New Smyrna Beach, Fl., created material to promote the Steak & Steak Dinner & Auction, one of BGCNF's largest fundraising events. Kailey Deason, Sam Christiansen, Alex Guth, Cami McCall, Marlena Lomonaco and Stephanie Sorensen also produced design options for this event.

Mr. Sanchez-Cariello, a sophomore, graphic design major from Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl., created material that will be used to promote the BGCNF Holiday Toy Drive. Seven other designers worked on this event, including Bernadette Januska, Chelsea Cutlip, Kristin Duke, Caitlin Ogburn,  Kristi Nelson, Lisa Pascucci and Marissa Donnelly.

The instructor, Natalie Stephenson, said, “I’m so thankful for the opportunity that The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida gave our students. I truly believe that the students and our community partner had a mutually beneficial experience.”

Students presenting logo concepts during the field trip. From left to right -
Kristi Nelson, Marissa Donnelly, Caitlin, Ogburn, Lisa Pascucci, Kristin Duke,
Chelsea Cutlip, Bernadette Januska, Cesar Sanchez-Cariello.
After final presentations, one student commented, “This was my favorite project of the year!  We were working in the ‘real’ world with a client who provided specific requirements we had to meet.  I loved the experience!”