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Monday, February 8, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Catching up with alumni: Sonni Delzani

"I currently work as a designer at a software company in Chicago, Illinois. I have moved around a bit job wise but have gotten to work on some pretty cool projects such as Salpica, XOCO and Frontera packaging—all for the celebrity chef, Rick Bayless. I miss the incredible tools/resources/studios available to the students. Having the ability to think of an idea and then immediately produce it using the resources available was something I absolutely took for granted. I also appreciated the huge support system supplied by peers and professors."


Drake Stevens,the Editor-in-Cheif of FLARE: the Flagler Review says, "I am reaching out to art students in attempt to collect submissions for our Spring 2016 edition."
The submission deadline is March 15!

Tune in!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

An inside view on Alumni Rebecca Hoadley and her artistic experiences.

Rebecca Hoadley graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts and a BA in Art Education k-12. She currently teaches high school Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking at Episcopal School of Jacksonville. Hoadley paints in her home studio and is working on a series of paintings based on specific moments from her past.

"Working with high school students is such a great experience. They surprise me and they inspire me. I love working with so many different people and the opportunity to teach them creative processes. Flagler gave me a good foundation to base my teaching skills on, and I am so glad for my time there. Teaching art has been an honor...I am thankful to have taken the opportunity to pursue a BFA. Painting, ceramics, bookbinding, drawing, designing, printmaking, and portfolio classes were my favorites. There is so much I want to learn still, but thankfully Flagler has taught me how to keep learning! Art is part of my every day life, and teaching is a career I hope to improve upon. I am so thankful to the Art Professors at Flagler who didn't stop questioning me, and pushing me to try new things. They kept me accountable and encouraged me to create work that was my own. If not for their high expectations, I would never have pushed myself to learn. I miss the studios, the critiques, and the opportunities to travel and learn from working artists. Thanks Flagler Art Department!"